Thursday, April 2, 2009

try again...

I started a post yesterday morning, but the internet went out on me during...lets see if I have any luck today.

With unreliable internet, I got to spend Monday scrappin'! Enjoyed it. Worked on dd's Europe Semester Album (its only been since fall of 2007) But I'm not starting my cruise till I finish them. Yes, them. one is for me, and a smaller one is for her. teehee.

Anyways, I was working on one for Berlin...and I loved how these baroque papers looked with the colors of the building, but the print was 'too much'. THEN I remembered the grid pattern layouts Janet from Of Cats and Cardstock has been doing, and is my layout! It worked perfectly for the overwhelming print...well, I think so.

okay, keeping this short, who knows when my internet window will close! ha!!

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