Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Introduce yourself...

got this from 2 peas website thread, Scrapbook Obsession's thread

1. First name, part of the world you’re from, and about your family, your job, etc..
2. How long have you been scrapbooking and why/how did you start?
3. Are you now a paper scrapper, hybrid, or digital?
4. How often do you scrapbook these days?
5. Your friends and family would say you are…..? Give us 5 random things

1. Karen, Central Valley of CA is where I live, but grew up in Houston, TX. My family, all that is on the side bar (oh I thought it was)... my dad is a 6'3" Irish mix from Indiana, who joined the Navy and met my mom, a 5' Japanese woman. I am the single older sister followed by twin sisters. My parents divorced when I was 9 years old, and after that I became an IBM brat...moved to MD with my dad, back to Houston with my mom, then San Jose, CA with my dad again. 3 diff high schools. But its all good. Job, I am an accounting guru who is good at it, but hates it. Right now I specialize in general ledger accounting, but I've done it all.

2. Scrapbooking, about 5 years. Started after dd left for college. Took a class thru the city given by a CTMH demonstrater and joined a local scrap group a couple of years ago.

3. Paper! Actually have PSE6 to try digital, but too much a 'techno idiot' (guess the IBM genes skipped me) to figure it out. Do journaling on the 'puter (25+ years of accounting and squeezing my writing on those column sheets has left my handwriting rather illegible) ...and can manipulate pics somewhat....does that make my hybrid?

4. Pretty much as much as I want. I am an empty nester...so weekends and after work if there are re-runs. ha!!

5. 5 random things my friends/fam would say. hmmmm...

Shopaholic. (dh)and anyone who sees my scraproom...Michele says its a sickness

Book Smart but not World smart. (thats what my mom says)

Not Social, don't do well with the social graces and don't like to hang out in
groups. but not anti-social. DH is opposite, he'd have a gathering here every

LOVE and live for my kids (some may call it spoiling, of smother mother)

Rebellious (dd calls me that, cuz I do bristle when something is EXPECTED of me)

So guess what I learned this morning? you know, yesterday was Nyki's (ddil's) due date, she was out mowing the lawn! (its 90+ degrees around here) Is that extreme nesting? or a stubborn former Marine? Now, ds was working, he is a police officer...but was off today!!

geeeeee...that's my Nyki!!

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