Saturday, April 25, 2009

Skipilini's Pizza

here is the website...let me tell was awful!! For me it was the extra garlic, for her it was the slimy veggies she does not like. But dh loved it, he had 2 slices!!

I feel like I'm going to give birth!

This has to work!

cuz Nyki says she is not getting into the car with me again, until after Adriana is born, cuz she does not trust me.

the pic is of Nyki pouring ranch dressing on it, in an attempt to get it down.
We both got one slice down. To support her, I tried a piece without taking the stuff I hate off.


Anonymous said...

Poor Nyki, at least she tried it.
I really hope it works, maybe you should take her to basking robbins in town for a really good sundae to make up for eating that awful pizza.

Thank you for bringing by the catalog and the jars. I'm drooling over the catalog.


Sarah C. said...

How crazy! I've never heard of such a thing, but might be begging you to send me a slice in a couple of months. LOL :D