Monday, April 6, 2009

Crop on Saturday...

Got to crop on Saturday, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. Sooo great! Learned something about myself, I have a tendency to 'embellish' on the right side of the page. Had to consciously tell myself to embellish on the left!

Got a lot of the album for Betsy done. Just about finished. Also learned how to cut paper to cover a paint can. Just need to get some permanent adhesive and decorate it.

Yesterday was helping the kids with their move out of the apt. We helped pack up the last of their stuff and mom cleaned both bathrooms.

Started reading Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" far, very interesting. But had to stop for Celebrity Apprentice. DH has gotten 'drawn' into the show...but yeah, the boardroom was a surprise...the people Donald chose to fire...oh my goodness. Had to agree about the commercials, they both sucked, but, wow, who he fired and why..yikes.

We also did not have internet on Sunday. Wow, the mail boxes sure do fill up when you are not able to cleanse them.

So, today,...hmmmm Kristen texted last night, her daughter is sick. So, I guess the morning will be working on the paint cans...then I need to meet the carpet cleaners at the kid's house (will be taking The Host) and then mom and I are back at the apt to vacumm floors and clean the kitchen. Nyki is preggo, so we'd like to do the hard work for her. Well, that's the plan...

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