Monday, April 20, 2009

been scrapping!

its been fun, just finishing up some challenges. The pic is from a challenge to use purple and orange. I hate being a flake, and if I sign up to do something, I'm wanna do it. (unless I forget or can not)
Sorry, Jeannie about Saturday...hmmmmmm..that was a forgot.

I signed up for a couple of circle journals also...and, well, there are a lot of flakes out there. Luckily, they weren't the type where you mail out your own book, but where layouts are supposed to be sent to you. One of them that started last year, we are supposed to get 12 layouts, so far I have rec'd 3. Even the hostess has not posted in a while. Ooooh Well..I only have one more to send and I am done.

I'm listening to Miley Cyrus's the Climb. Actually watching VH1's Fresh. I don't think she is much of a singer, but she sounds good here. It works for her voice.

Funds are tight around here and dh is watching like a hawk...all I can say is..No Bueno.

Today is the baby's due date, but she isn't showing any signs. The dr already told her if she hasn't delivered by the 23rd they are going to make an appt to induce by the 30th. Nyki came back from that appt calling doctor's 'dumb'. She was saying, "why won't they wait till the baby is good and ready?" I told her, "because they don't want you to give birth to a 12 lb baby?...." I mean, have ya'll seen her belly??? I think she get's bigger every day!

Off to do more challenges. I am a Scrapaholic has a few for their birthday celebration, oh, and need to do my P365 layout. Here is yesterday's pic:

dh was watching a cop's marathon, and the scene of the guy stuck on a fence...with his buttocks in the air was too funny to pass up.

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