Thursday, April 9, 2009

too busy...

Yup, this week I've been too busy...
Work is busy cuz I am closing March, to be expected.

but I've also been helping Nyki with move stuff. Yesterday it was going to the apt to clean. Scrub the oven and racks, vacuum floors, wipe down dishwasher, fridge,, should be just the finishing touches.

We rode to work together yesterday, so here is my P365 pic for yesterday:

I could not resist!! She is due @ the 20th! sooooooooo, exciting!!

After coming home last night, I watched the ANTM 2 hours...not sure I agreed with Talia's outster...probably should have been Alison...I don't really think Alison can pull off any variety.

BUT the worst part was I had a bad dream...I dreamt that Betsy's replacement during her maternity leave was Sandra from ANTM. Oh Myyyyyy!!
To me she ranks up there with Jade and Monique as ANTM villians. (did not like Melrose or Renee either) I sooooo agree with Aminat, other girls were bullied in Jr. High and it is no excuse! Look at my own dd! She was the target of the 'populars' from grade 5 on...and she did not react by becoming one...or by becoming a 'victim'.

okay, off to clean those litter, joy.


Thomisia said...

cute belly shot! sending healthy baby and smooth delivery vibes...

toners said...

What a fun photo :) I wish I'd taken more when I was pg!

Ahh...the litter box job...I have tried and tried to get someone else in my house to take over that duty, but everyone (DH included) would rather do anything than change that tray :) LOL!!