Tuesday, January 26, 2010

skipped work and scrapped and babysat...great day

got to scrap..just needed a couple more layouts to finish Adriana's first book.
This lo was, hmmmm interesting. Chose the purple by accident...while looking for a ribbon, kinda jokingly pulled out the purple, but when I held it up...I LIKED it!

the 'cuddle' is a Slice word...and the glimmer..yeah. While trying to.. oh, so, carefully.. trace the word with my smooch ink...the kitten comes up and 'bats' the brush..you can see it in the first 'd'. I always tell my dil, 'there are no mistakes in scrapbooking only opportunities to embellish'...right? could the only exception be kittens???

then I notice the paw smudge in the corner. so, what do I do? I chose to make a note in the corner that the smudge was Winston's...and made some other random smudges around the paper! what else?

then I spent the evening with Adriana...I haven't seen her in 2 weeks!!! And what a difference in 2 weeks...she shakes her head 'nooooo' (when you do); imitates you when you say "ah" or "oh"...pays attention (every now and then) to the tv (so I had Nick Jr) on...she really seems to enjoy the music. She is getting a cold...so she went to bed a li'l before 7:30.

I told her, "why don't you go to sleep like a 'normal' baby. Grandma will lay you down, put the covers ON you, put the bunny next to you...you hug her..and fall asleep?"


She proceeded to sit up, kick the covers till they were bunched up...and then did a belly flop on top of them..to fall asleep. (I was able to take the cover under her feet and put it on top of her...after she was asleep) Sometimes, I've seen her take a corner of a blanket (in that position) and hold it to her chest as she slept.

oh well, her auntie used to sleep in a perpendicular position across the crib, with her legs hanging out...and she turned out okay...yeah


wholarmor said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! And good job on the layout!

Jingle said...

It sounds like you had a great day...even if it did include a smudge or two! LOL!