Saturday, January 23, 2010

my poor li'l guy...

This is Percy, he is my 'baby' boy...almost 10 years old and as you can tell, a li'l overweight. I took him to the vet yesterday, and he weighed in at 17 lbs.

Those of you who have cats, know thats a li'l big and not so healthy...and the 2nd part of the vet's news was not good. He also has a bit of a heart murmur..she rated it a 2 out of 6. We are putting him a new 'lifestyle change' also (like his mom) ...and hoping he can lose @5 lbs. Hopefully, that will also take care of the heart murmur. He is pretty healthy..other than the weight. I need to check his weight every month..and will take him back in about 6 months.

We are having to change how all the cats are fed to accomplish this. We were just filling bowls twice a day and leaving them out all day and we have to feed them seperately and pick up the bowls. As you can guess, the li'l naughty one, aka Winston Thornapple, has already made his way into the cabinet where the bowls are snag himself an extra snack. And thats another problem, Winston is @8 lbs...still a growing, we've got to figure out ways for HIM to have extra servings...aye yi yi.

Speaking of weighing Percy, the vet suggested that I test our scale, by stepping on it with and without him...this morning I weighed in at 197.2...but on Thursday, I was 200.4...I don't believe I lost 3 lbs in 2 days. I WISH, but I don't think so.

Tomorrow is a crop!! yay!! I printed pics of Adriana..gonna work on her book. So packed a lot of baby and pink stuff...speaking of which...lets see if I have any recent pics...

there's my li'l angel..can you believe how light her hair is getting???? looks like mom's..oh my, gotta drop all the 'blonde' jokes and comments.

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