Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my mom thinks I'm a li'l crazy...salad related

but since this lifestyle change, my life has become about side, I've started taking pics of them..

here are a couple of my faves...The Red Lobster side salad, it came with a ring of red onion, but I took it off. according to the Red Lobster table menu,the back of the small one at the table, these are 90 calories..

The Denny's side salad, also had a red onion ring...according to their menu...133 calories..guess the main difference is the cheese.

So far, I've had good experiences with both salads...fresh and yummy.
(yes I know 1000 island dressing is high in calories...but it is my fave...I am starting to change over to ranch...) And I appreciate the fact that both restarants have calorie counter menus available.

We are under the storms you may be hearing about in California...I know rain is needed esp here in the central valley, but it sure ain't fun!! And living out here in the 'boondocks' there is concern about losing electricity! Here is mom bundled up for her 'daily walk' to the gate...but, today the wind is blowing so, at 91 lbs..she'll probably stay in today!! ha!!

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