Saturday, January 30, 2010

missing out...

I'm pretty much recovered...slept today also. There is a fundraiser dinner tonight, $50 a plate steak dinner...and I'm going to have to miss out on it. But I don't think its responsible to go out in 'crowds' while I'm on the tail end of this thing.

We'll see about church in the morning. If I'm not coughing...

BUT I am hoping I'm strong enough tomorrow to go to work and do that archiving!
(I know, backwards, don't work on a Sunday...but I made today my day of rest, so I think its okay)

Trying to select a book for Feb..I've got so many on my bedroom floor near my bedside table that I just kinda reached and took the one on top of one of the piles..

grabbed "Three Cups of Tea" but the review on Goodreads was mixed.

divided between finishing the layout on my desk and snuggling on the couch with the book...and don't deviled eggs sound good???

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