Friday, January 22, 2010


Wish I could say I LOVE exercising..but, I'm simply not there..yet.

Just finished my dvd with the leg isolation..can you say squats...UGGGH

Though I'm not at work today, it does not feel like a 'day off'. Lets see, went to church and cut the checks, reconciled bank statements...@2 hours of stuff today. One highlight, did see my ddil...though no Adriana...but still nice to see ddil.

Came home, had lunch, watched a dvr'd Dr. Oz show..eeeeewww!! He did the germs in dips and candy dishes...can you say YUCK!!! I'll probably never dip again...unless everyone involved puts a spoonful on their plate.

Did my dvd... and now need to finish a couple of things before taking 'the boys' to the vet. Cats that is. After his 'bad boy' sticker last week, I am taking Winston to Percy's appt. The vet thinks that if he can get used their smells, and go in without being 'poked and prodded', he'll be less 'feral' the next time. I don't know...

still need to plan next week's menu and grocery shop...

so, its not feeling like a day off!

But at least after all the dark skies and rain..right at this moment we do have some sunshine...that is nice. I don't know how long it will last...but for the moment..

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