Friday, January 15, 2010

its almost time for our trip!

Me and mom are taking off for part of the weekend. We will be at Chukchansie for Sunday and coming home on Monday. We will be meeting Michele and her parents...figured since Mom likes to gamble (slots)..and she seems to like Michele's would be good for her to have a li'l weekend getaway, before going back to Houston.

Work has been a 'pill'. stupid little problems I have to think out. like how to separate the insurance for both companies being paid by one. stupid little transposing acct #'s , switching debits and credits...all done by ME!
I've given my boss at least 3 correcting entries that I can't blame on anyone else but me! UGGGGHHHH!!!

Mom is constantly grumbling...dh is not feeling real well, he's been working too hard on the company's move and then on the Homeless community group he is in. Hard physical work of moving the cubicles..they were supposed to open last night...the city shut them down. and the mental stress of planning...He is tossing and turning at night.

Soooooo, since I'm not into gambling, I am bringing a book, a craft project, bubble bath...and am spending some down time in the hotel room. (Michele and her mom got us free luxury rooms) Yes, I'll bring my workout stuff..Michele and I are planning some time in the work-out room also.

Oh,'s official, I have lost 15lbs.

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