Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I didn't go to work yesterday..

It was actually an unexpected day off.

My car has been getting 'shaky' on the freeway, I had dh drive it last week, he told me, 'stop by the dealership and have them balance your tire". He thought it would take a few minutes. So, its the next morning and I am still without a car.

So much to do, including work, once I get the car.

But, I tried to be productive yesterday. Found a home for the Christmas trees, dry mopped the hardwood floors and did some dusting. Cooked dinner, made 'miso cod' from the cook this not that book...and read a book. Sizzle by Julie Garwood, yes, read it all in one day. I love her books, the historical and the modern ...and how they tie together. As in this one..Sam Kincaid is descended from Alec Kincaid (The Bride)
and how the Buchanans (from the rest of the modern series) are descended from Brodick Buchanan (from "Ransom" the first book of hers I ever read)...just love it.

on Sunday, I watched "Texas" a movie based on the James Michner book. Its an older movie, with Benjamin Bratt, Patrick Duffy...but very good. Of all the movies I've watched about Texas and the Alamo...this is my fave. Have any of ya'll ever been to the Alamo. There is something surreal about that place. I'm not one who believes in ghosts and spirits...but...there is an energy there. Being a proud Texan, to me it is a positive feeling.. it just echoes from its walls.

But I don't always feel positive about places. Santa Cruz is one that comes to mind, the 'energy' there is very negative to me. It reminds me of a store that used to be at the Great Mall in Milpitas. It sold odd things, crystals and stuff. And the 'energy' came at you like a blast...even my children were uncomfortable and it was them who asked us to leave that store, many years ago. It reminds me of the Jr. High campus here in town.

What a weird thing to blog about.

We are having a 'goodie' exchange at the crop in a couple of weekends..what to bring?? the 'goodie' is open-ended...a scrap goodie, a treat. Gotta put my thinking cap on...any ideas???

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