Friday, January 29, 2010

stayed home from work..not my fault!

I'm sick. It started yesterday morning with some sneezing...okay, I sneeze every morning, as I am allergic to mornings. But as I was at developed to LOTS of sneezing, runny nose, slight chills and HEADACHE!!! to the point, where Tom was telling me to "Go Home!!". Now, I commute with my dh, so, until HE was ready that was not an option for me. Finally at 4pm, told dh, "take me home, I feel like sh*t"..he told me "You look like sh*t, and I am taking you home" He bought me cans of soup at the grocery store and brought me home. I've been sleeping pretty much ever since. Except to harvest my Farmville crops. teehee

My mom, as soon as I got home, told me to 'stay away from her'...yeah, no maternal instinct at all. My 'companion' has been the kitten. He won't let me out of his sight. Sometimes, when he is sweet and mellow, that is good. But when he wants to play...not so good.

I think I've gone thru a whole box of kleenexes...and all I can say is THANK GOD for tylenol sinus!! I tell you at one point, I wanted to drill a hole in my head, cuz the head pain was sooooo bad!!

okay, gotta check on this morning's farmville crops...I've had my soup..then back to bed for me and the kitten.

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