Friday, September 17, 2010

catching up..

whew~! I'm ready for my 5 day weekend...teehee.

though it will actually be a busy one. I've tried real hard not to become a 'slug' with my new time to myself. And have kept quite busy.

Monday, I went to the dr. Its been more than 3 years since my last cholesterol blood test and pretty sure 10 years since my tetinus, they gave me a vaccine that also combines pertussis (whooping cough) and since I'm a grandma, I was okay with it. But ya'll know those tetinus shots, they HURT for like 3 days afterwards.

We had excitement at work. There is a mouse in a coworker's cube! She has seen him, he even came out and ate her salad she walked away from. Wish I'd gotten a pic of that! anyways, despite 2 days of mouse traps, he still hasn't been 'caught'. Another coworker named him Houdini. I wish we could just let him be, but he is 'living' in the compartment where all the wires are kept...and if he chews thru that, that could be a problem. And of course the sanitation issues... But still, SHE gets a pet at work!

I haven't been doing a photo a day...I'm having issues with the memory card. When I contacted Nikon, I was told I was using an 'unauthorized card'...w h a t e v e r. But from now on, I am going to pay a few more dollars and buy a name card. siiiiiigh.

I was talking to my mom this morn..SHE is worried about my niece's eating habits so she wants ME to talk to her mom, my sis. Um, okay, I'll interfere from 2000 miles away! actually, I did email my sis a letter to her daughter...that I'm not gonna send to her daughter. just talking about what I've learned about metabolism, and how skipping meals causes your body to store more calories instead of burning them.

aye yi yi

Today, was a list of errands...and I restarted Farmville. After months off, I finally 'cleaned up' my li'l farm and planted a crop. Texas Bluebonnets aka lupines. So, I'll need to harvest tonight at 7pm... do I really want to return to that madness...of having to be at the computer to 'harvest' nonexistent crops?

Okay, time to feed the dogs and the horse! Dh is at a golf tournament, so I get to be the farmhand...a real one!

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