Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a new book...

I started a new book last night, called "Taking Flight...Inspiration and Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings by Kelly Rae Roberts. The first chapter encourages you to listen to the 'whispers' of your heart by keeping a journal and by reflecting on what your 'dreams' were in your youth. Also to confront a 'fear' you have to grow as a person.

She gives her own story, how at age 30 she started journaling and re-found her dream to create...and how the first step for her was running.

Well, through this blog and Sparkpeople, I've been journalling. Kinda hard to do it on pen and paper, for me, simply because I have horrible handwriting. But I do have a gorgeous book I picked up at a 'day after Christmas' sale at Borders. soooo, I'll give that a try.

But I knew that childhood dream I never did, never expressed and learned how to Now, I'm 49 years old and back then photography meant the detailed cameras with different lenses and a darkroom. Today, we have digital that does all that 'thinking' for you. Sooo, I won't attempt learning an old fashioned camera, I'll use my Nikon point and shoot. BUT since it is the start of a new month, my goal will be to photgraph something every day...something that 'moves' me.

I was looking at my Florence pics yesterday, to start scrapping them for my album...and I remember this photo I took at Michaelangelo Square...

its just a railing with grafitti..but I like it.

so, what else can I do, besides take a pic a day to develop my photography..guess I can read about it...can find photographers I admire and follow them (much like I do with scrapbooking) find some blogs and message boards...immerse myself in that world a little everyday.

That something I'm afraid of? I know that I am so completely uncoordinated...I can't even do combo moves on my wii Biggest Loser exercise program without getting lost. What was it, a punch with fist, tap foot, lift leg combo? aye yi yi.

so, I'm off, to give my 'creative spirit' wings.
And I would recommend this book to anyone..I mean I am no traditional artist, can't draw, paint ...any of that...but I think all of us have a 'creative spirit' inside.

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