Friday, September 3, 2010

my pics for Sept 1 and Sept 2

so, Sept 1,
decided to take a pic of the first thing I see each morning, the view from my bedroom to my living room. As you can see, I love color. I love to mix colors in each room...from floor to ceiling. The first pic, set on auto, did not work out, so I played with the settings...and museum is what gave me this. Don't you just love the look of light streaming into a room?

so, I also took this one, the light streaming thru the blinds and the metal screen..I love light...esp as it is streaming thru, reflected by objects. I love to put colored glass infront of light.

Sept 2,

this is at our gate, it isn't a spider web, it is from our cotton wood tree. but looks webby...also it is stronger than a web...I like all the 'textures' in this pic, the roughness of the wood post, the 'nature' in the trees and growth and the twig even caught in the 'web'.

so, I've made a decision, a while back, I took out the music from my blog, as a courtesy to others as there was a 2Peas thread that said they don't like music ...esp if they read blogs at work. But today, I'm going to put music back. There is a song that is truly meaningful to me that I want to hear when I come, just letting you know, if you 'pop on' during work hours, I will soon have music again.

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