Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new work schedule!

Over the weekend, Michael made me a 'proposition'...he told me (with approval from Art)...I could work a 2 day work week! The only 'caveat' is, I have to ride in with him those 2 days...which means leaving at 7am and not returning till close to 7pm. They figure if I do 2 days of 8 hours, well, the reality, that is still more than I've been averaging per week, lately. AND by saving the $50 a week it takes to fill up my tank...its a win-win for the finances. Soooo, I think I'll start working on Weds and Thurs...that way, I am available to my li'l sweet pie, if her mom needs me. teehee

Family news, to start the weekend I learned that my estranged sister emailed my family, my kids and husband with some new accusations against me. The 'proof' she attached to her email only served to show how unstable SHE is. I asked them to not respond to her, because whatever is said, will only strengthen her narrative. That's what she does, she twists things to fit her 'reality'. I seriously think she has at least borderline paranoid schizophrenia. My bro-in-law read the email, as I forwarded it to them, and he pointed out that all though she was phrasing the accusations as if she was protecting her son, you could see that the email was truly all about her. That side of the family says she is NPD. Whatever she is, trying to reason with her is not possible. I told my dh, we could send her our phone records for the past 3 years...and it would not change her 'narrative'. Facts do nothing to change her mind.

Also, my other sis is going thru some tests the next couple of days. Thyroid. Please pray that the doctors find what they need and are able to give her the treatment she needs.

Okay, so here I am with an unexpected day off...what to do...oh, scrap!! The weekend was spent making cards. I'm in a swap, one of the ladies dropped out...and an 'angel' did step up, but I've been making the missing cards, 'just in case'...that way they are available if the 'angel' does not come thru...and I have extra cards if she does... 'win win'.

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