Sunday, September 19, 2010

sleep, what is that?

The past couple of nights my sleep patterns have been odd. Saturday, woke up at 4am...could not go back to sleep. I did take a nap @2pm....went to bed at 10:45...and could not fall back to sleep! Last time I looked at the clock it was almost 1 am...then woke up again at 7:30am. Wha??? I've heard it is a 'sign of getting older' that you need less sleep. BUT I LIKE SLEEP! I WANNA SLEEP!

hmmmmm...menopause? I have a friend, Mary, who reads all night and did not sleep much at all. w e i r d.

soooo, yesterday was the fundraising dinner at church. I got to do one of the tables,

my first table was a li'l plain, but dd gave me some ideas and this was the final product. We had to do our own centerpiece (which I did not know till the morning of setup) But not bad for someone who was wandering around the house looking for something...anything...ha!

I tried to 'practice' photographing by candlelight, but my subjects (ds and ddil) balked after the 3rd attempt. The articles I read said slow speed, no flash...well, I could not figure out how to turn off the flash with the slower speed choices on my point and shoot. So, last night, not good for photography practice.

The day before, I practiced some 'rule of thirds'..went around the outside of the house and just shot stuff...including peeling paint and cracks in the cement. I guess the best example are these of mom's sunflower stepping stones...the first is with it centered

yeah, a li'l boring.

Then tried this angle...a li'l more interesting. Gotta keep experimenting!!

Today is a pool party at the church, and my li'l sweet pie likes the I'll bring my camera. Now with her, you need the 'sports' setting...ha!!

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