Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend...oh weekend...where did you go?

Not much of a weekend for crafting or even day didn't do anything interesting. The next day the lighting was sooo bad, no matter what setting I tried, I couldn't get good pics...tried a few, but no go.

I was a 'slug' on Saturday, I did read a Nicholas Sparks book, The Choice...which, OMGoodness, will absolutely make you cry. But other than that, my biggest accomplishment was leaving a 'butt print' on the couch. Not a good day.

Sunday was better, Michael J and I went to my bff's stepdad's 80th birthday celebration in San Jose. Sooooo Wonderful to see the old family and friends that go back to...oh, my youth. Michele and I met when I moved to CA my senior year of high school. It was kinda funny, we lived on opposite ends of the same street, had to take the same path to the bus each morning. I could hear her walking behind me. She's shy, I'm shy...but one time, I just turned around and introduced myself. We became 'joined at the hip'...seriously, I think our parents' considered surgery to seperate us. She saved me. I was 'lost', I was sent to CA to live with my dad cuz I'd had a little trouble with drugs in Texas. The first day at the bus stop, I did gravitate to fellow 'pot heads'...but my friendship with sweet, innocent and yes a couple of years younger, Michele, kept me from falling back into that druggie lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, in Texas, I was an 'experimenter' never a heavy user, but I was lucky enough to get arrested at age 16...3 months later, I'd have gone to jail...anyways, it was the wake up call I needed. My family needed and lucky for me, they acted.

Her family (except her older sister) accepted me and made me part of the family, like another daughter. I wonder how they felt when Michele brought me home, with my wild permed hair (it was the late 70's) and concert t-shirts...and jeans so tight, I had to lay down on the bed to zip them! holy moly!! If my dd had brought home such a sight, would I have been as welcoming and gracious?

But I got to become a part of a wonderful Portuguese family (think the family in my big fat Greek Wedding) and fortunately for me, I still am. My kids grew up calling her mom, Grandma Mary.

So it was great to see everyone, see the next generation all grown up ...okay that part was hard. Sure made me feel old, to be one of the middle aged ones...but that's the 'cycle' of life, huh. Before we are ready, we will be the patriarch/matriarch of such family gatherings. siiiiiiiigh.

We are planning our family get together in November. We are all getting together the first part of November for the holidays. Since Jason is working both Thanksgiving and Christmas...and Cierra and Chris have 'other' family to spend holidays with too (cough cough), for this year, we are getting together this way. We are still the middle aged ones, as Dh's parents will be there...We will have 4 generations together with Adriana...its really cool to think about. And the 'young ones' have 'stepped up' and claimed a lot of the meal nice.

Speaking of other family, J and Nyki are planning a trip to Indiana, early October. I know, I've got it great, I only have to 'share' Adriana with the 'other g'ma' once a year...Nyki tells me her mom cried when they left last year. I KNOW how she felt, I'd be so empty without the kids in my life. Its hard enough with C and Chris in Texas...we try to see them a couple of times a year, but is that really enough?

okay, this is getting long...ya'll have a great FAMILY filled day if you can.

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