Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wii day, yesterday!!

had fun, began the day with 30 minutes of 'just dance'...my cat goes nuts with this game, he can't decide 'what' to attack...my arms or legs.

Then in the evening did a couple of Wii Fit plus games, we set dh up with his account...he needs work with his balance...and it gave him a fit age of 62! I am 54...but I'm the obese one..he weighed in at like a 24 BMI...odd.

and then we boxed on Wii Sports. I WON!! I don't know how, but I did.

Finished it with the 24 minute moderate yoga routine on Biggest Loser.

Fun day on the Wii..I did finish other household chores, also. I was a good girl. Even read 3 chapters from our Financial Peace book.

AND did not take a nap, was tempted to, but did not do it, so I did fall asleep much easier, also.

Today, after a few morning chores...I get to babysit this afternoon. It is my 'who needs a treadmill, I'm chasing Adriana workout'...this morning I think I should do some ab work. Lots of aerobic type stuff yesterday.

I've had a layout on my desk for a while, would like to 'tackle' it. From Christmas last year...two more layouts and my book for Adriana for 2009 is done! I can start 2010!

So, off the computer, time to accomplish my 'stuff'!!

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