Thursday, June 12, 2008

2 peas, biggest lesson so far in life...

so, here is what my scraproom has been looking like the past couple of weeks,
wedding stuff strewn about the floor and an unfinished layout on the desk.
My Mommy told me to pick it up, she was afraid I'd trip or something. I didn't pick it up, just reorganized the piles. teehee

Yesterday, I got a package in the mail. Some enabler on 2 peas, had a link to Crafts Etc., so I picked up 10 CD's of Autumn Leaves Fonts for $22...I am in font heaven. but having trouble with my computer as I install...oh well gotta wait till dh comes home for install.

Taking the day off today. I have my 9 am workout, take mom to bank and grocery store and one of the doggies to the vet. AND I hope some time in the scraproom!!

biggest lesson so far in life:

hmmmmm, you know when you are young and you just know how life should be, not just yours but everyone around you. How everyone should parent, should work, should keep house, should _____________. I guess as I've grown older, I've learned to accept people where they are at. It was absolutely freeing, to give up trying to be in control, (or thinking I was). Opens me up to be 'friends' with my grown children and their spouses, instead of trying to tell them what/how to do. Instead of stepping in, I encourage them to work things out.

Also, I don't take 'slights' as personally as I used to. I can accept, try to see where the other person is coming from. Now, I used to be involved in one of those ugly neighbor vs neighbor wars...front and center...and boy, did that teach me a lot about myself. And I used to hold grudges for YEARS...letting all that go, is simply freeing. I think it was a Chuck Swindoll book, about Facing Giants, that helped me change. He had a short lesson about bitterness, and I just did not want to be that person. My strategy, everytime thoughts about that person came up, with all the emotions, I would use it as a reminder to pray for that person. And there was a song, by Al Densen, "Right where I am" initially those prayers would be, Lord make me be willing to be willing to be willing to forgive...and the willings started to drop.

Weren't ya'll glad when Stephanie won Top Chef, last night. I was. Though it's Lisa's peanut butter mashed potatos and her soup recipe (from last night) I'll probably look up. Its too bad Richard 'choked'...I remember that happening last season when Hung won, the top gal 'choked' and the guy who barely got there did better with the final meal.

Can't wait for new episodes of the Closer, does anyone know if Heroes will be back?

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