Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Michelle and last night.

Last night was a little tough, Gordon asked us women from the office to stop by and take what we'd like from Michelle's closets and drawers...it did feel awkward, but I got to thinking, this is what I'd want dh to do when its my time. 3 of us stopped by and lets just say, Michelle has good taste. She had very nice bits of a lot of styles, so there was something for everyone. We were even picking things out for other gals in the office. My mom even got a sweat outfit. Lucky for us, she wore the same size shoes as the 3 who stopped by...so we got shoes also. She called her comfy pj's 'muggies', so we choose a 'muggie' for everyone. Gordon has her bathrobe laid out on the bed, so he and their cats can cuddle with 'her' smell at night. We were touched.

I love her decorating style also, little bits of whimsy spread out through the house.

The above is a lo I did of Michelle over the weekend, it is based on one of the classes from the Bad Girls summer school, called 'trash to treasure' I thought it was a good inspiration for a lo about her, as she used to like to comb our property for bits of tile and glass and stuff for her mosaics. (a couple of mobile homes burned down on a section of the property @10 years ago). I got a couple of the prettiest butterlies I could find on it, and picked up a 'puppy' last night to put on it. (one of the last things she said before she became comotose was that she was watching a puppy chase a butterfly)

Note her smile, in every pic of her is that contagious smile, and that is what I will miss the most. She brought such warm energy with her, she was strong and opinionated, but 'argued' her point with a sense of humor. Family get together won't be the same without her.


Sarah C. said...

Karen, I'm tearing up from reading your post. The layout is gorgeous. The first thing that caught my eye was her happy photo. I could almost hear the laughter. What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend.

Continuing to say prayers for Gordon and all of you who loved Michelle. ((HUGS))

Kimmie Sue said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. She did have a wonderful smile!

Javajunkie said...

What a sweet memeory of her Karen. It's a beautiful LO
Sending hugs :D