Monday, June 16, 2008

Cassandra is adjusting...

Cassandra (our beautiful black cat, who has been dd's cat since dd was 7 years old)had a good weekend, all she had to do was put up with the 'boy'.
As soon as dd came into the house, Cassandra was there. She did well her first night having to let the 'boy' sleep in HER bed. First she took his pillow, then got under the covers and according to Chris, slept right between them.

Ahhh, its not as bad as that, when the kids were on the couch, Cassandra sat across his legs, cuz they were on dd's lap...but she doesn't hiss and growl at him anymore.

Guess what? its 2pm, Monday, and I am sitting here in my pj's..I LOVE it.
I got the day off!! My plan, pj's, Ben and Jerry's, computer, scrappin'... oh, should I throw in a little nap-e-pooh? Ok, I'll skip the B and J's...I did have my Monday morning workout this morn...or I'll just have a little.

I did spend the morning paying bills, yikes, most un-fun.
then basic errands, so I wasn't completely worthless...but I plan to be for the rest of the day!!

I finally bought the Scrapbooks Etc page maps magazine...wowza, what an inspiring book. and one of my faves, Bonnie Kellner has a section (6). I just love her style.

So, I guess I better stop blogging, read some of yours and go scrap!!
(oh dd seems to like her wedding book so far)
but it is sooooo hard!!


Sarah C. said...

Glad your DD likes her wedding book! :) And good to hear that Cassandra is adjusting. Poor thing having to deal with that 'boy' stealing attn away from her. ;)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Love your black cat. I have one too.