Monday, June 9, 2008

finally a Big Lots score for me

Yes, I've been guilty of BL envy, I'd read those threads and think "why is my BL so lame?. Saturday, Mom and I went to Modesto and YES!! all the cool stuff others were talking about. But my fave little purchase were these acrylic jars, they are actually Caboodles, and had little bath flowers in them...but I think they are perfect for my ribbons. (if you live in Modesto, don't go looking for them, cuz I took the only 3)(teehee)

Get to start my week again! hooray. Why do the weekends have to end. At about 8pm,last night, I started to get sad. poo-ey. And this mornings weigh in was not good news. I've regained about 3 lbs. I knew it, too much Mexican food and ice cream these past couple of weeks and not enough treadmill. I've got to make the vow of at least one salad a day (it is summer) and to stop skipping the treadmill.. oh well, as I've always preached, 'consequences for chosen behaivior'...but that Ben and Jerry's creme brulee ice cream was SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!

I've got VH1's fresh on this morning, Natasha Beningfield sure does write some good songs, too bad her voice simply sucks. If these were resung by someone with good vocals...they would be great songs!! Oh well, as my li'l old Japanese mom says, "You can't have everything".

Oh has anyone watched the movie "Backwoods" with Gary Oldman? I simply did not get the ending. If you understood it, would you let me know, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!!

(oh after the last post about the 'purples' changed my blog colors, maybe ddil can use it to teach ds the diff shades) ha!!


Creative Junkie said...

I have yet to go to our Big Lots and find ANYTHING. My SIL finds such cool stuff at hers, but ours is just awful, not to mention incredibly messy. I definitely have Big Lots Envy.

Sarah C. said...

Fun BL finds! Those little jars are too cute. I'm still searching for the BG stuff that Peas are posting about. I found ribbons & rub-ons, but that's about it. Love the purples! :)

Heather said...

Those jars are so cute! But I will not be going back there again! No, I won't do it. I was just there the other day and didn't find a thing! Thanks for the comment about the mph/mpg on my blog. I'll have to look up the story you mentioned.