Thursday, June 19, 2008

lookin for scrap ideas.

Well, can't load a picture today, so I guess I'll try tomorrow.

not much happening here.

I took another day off work. So, I've got my workout this morning then going to take mom to Wally-world (aka Walmart)...then I hope I can get in my pj's and scrap.

I started a heart-shaped collage page. so far, I have the pics in place, the heart shaped cut-out piece to put over them, but am wondering what to do around the heart.
I've thought of doodling, or sewing squares of pp around it, but don't know if that is 'refined' enough for a wedding book. Ya'll have any ideas?

I've just finished 2 pages of 5x7 'family' pics and have one more to go...really getting stretched thinking of ways to display a 5x7...okay, not stretched but bored.

We also have a challenge for my local small group, using feminine products (not the kind with wings) on a guy layout. I guess it would 'cheat' to use brown I've been trying to think of using something pink...

I've been buying 'guy' stuff like crazy.

There is a thread on 2 peas asking about Lida. I have missed her and hope she posts. Someone said she mentioned taking care of her mom who has Alzheimer's...maybe she's been way too busy or away from a computer.

well, I started this entry this morning, then lost my internet connection all day
so weird, going without internet...yikes

I got the heart shaped collage done. I ended up taking pp and creating an outline around the heart shape, then taking a Queens felt I painted and glittered and put these 'sporadically' around the heart shape, popped a cupid charm with my tagger...and its done.

actually finished the book. wooohoooo


Sandra Collins said...

sounds like a beautiful layout

Jennie said...

I love lazy days like that! They are few and far between it seems this summer. I'm going to try and plan one day soon before school resumes :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

I hope Lida is okay