Sunday, June 8, 2008

scrappin' plans and yesterday's wedding

from 2 peas:
What are your scrappin' plans today.

After church, I plan to work on dd's wedding album. I'm at the bouquet toss page.

Yesterday, I fiddled a bit, made a wedding card for Jim and Aurora, then ended up working on my ribbon stash...did not quite get to actually working on the layout.

Oh, and someone posted instructions on using Wordart in Word, to make your words into shapes, so I played with that.

Yesterdays wedding was at we arrived at, oh 6pm, luckily, it hadn't started yet. Ds and ddil were there, so she got lots of fantastic pics for me.

It was nice to just go to a worrying about the details, and yes, it was nice and no, it was not could see a couple of little things went wrong.
But I think that is all part of the process...

We've known Jim since he was a little squirt, we are so happy for him. Aurora seems like a wonderful, gracious young many ways, we are wondering how he got so lucky!!

of course, scrap dork that I am, I went to bed last night, thinking of what pp I could use with these pics. Her colors were lavender and pale green. Ddil and I were having a li'l fun with ds, "do you think that is lavender or lilac?" oh "I don't know there's a li'l periwinkle...",...he's sitting there, shaking his head, "purple is purple!!" I just bought a pack of Making Memories Boho Chic at BL Satureday morning, I think it would be just right!!

Oh and at the venue, a golf club, a couple of deer came up to the iron fence for a peek...of course, the boys are talking about what kind of rifle...while we women are talking about getting pictures. Reminded me of Brad Paisley's new song "I'm Still A guy"..

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