Monday, June 23, 2008

"Skip into summer amid enchanting with sparkling amethyst, willow green, lagoon blue and verbena pink. Relax in happiness and well-being, while indulging in your own personal state of delirium. This is Euphoria. New Basicgrey Line!!!"

this was in an email description of Euphoria...doesn't it just SOUND great!!
(except for the one grammatical mistake...enchanting..what? or amid ...what..that is enchanting...)
I'll probably get some, sounds perfect for the wedding I went to a couple of weeks ago.

This was a busy weekend, I hosted a mini-crop on Saturday...because everyone is busy doing summer stuff, only 3 other ladies stopped by. It worked out well, because I can only fit 4 comfortably in my dining room. I brought in a couple of Ikea desk lamps for extra lighting, as my dining room's lighting is not very good, esp for crafting. Dorlene and I were here for the whole time, from @11 am to 8pm.
We are 'quiet' scrappers, though we do talk, but we do a lot of crafting. Then Gina and Ashly joined us @4pm. It was fun!

Now, the family who was supposed to stop by on Sunday, came by on Saturday. So at one point there was the 4 of us (in the dining room) 4 of the family (dh, his parents, and ds) in the living room and dil and my mom in the back suite (working on hemming her bridesmaid dress) got a li'l nuts. I felt a li'l bad, did not want to become a 'nightmare' crop know. My mom is almost as bad as a li'l kid, she kept hollering, "Karen, get over here". Oh well...I think the gals were okay with it.

Sunday morning, dh tells me "I know what you do at those things. You create, pig out and socialize"...well, DUH.

I got to scrap a li'l Sunday morning, and in the afternoon we had friends over for dinner. 2 couples, and it was nice to spend time with them.

I think this is one of the reasons my li'l mom is going back to Texas, we like to entertain and she doesn't like a houseful of people. About Sunday, she kept saying, "Why do you invite people, there is no event" and "People should go to Grandma's house, why do they always come here?" (Family events are usually here)
Dh likes to cook and entertain, I don't usually set up the events, but I enjoy our friends' company. (he cooks, I clean)

Mom pretty much stayed in her room, it is baseball day, at one point she had a game on tv AND one on the radio. When she stepped out in the evening, it was to find out Clint is as big a fan as her, though for the wrong team. He looked up some information for her, and lets just say, as they were leaving, she was calling Clint "honey". (most people are 'junky kids')

oh, I woke up this morning and had 2 good emails...Lida had commented on one of my past blogs..yay! (gotta go check and see if she has 'splained her absence)
and I won a RAK from one of the Bad Girls summer school classes I participated in...yay!!

off to read blogs and start my day!

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:: gingerkitty :: said...

oh cool you got in some crop time. I am needing to get myself motivated.