Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here is a pic of apricot trees ... I do live in the Apricot Capital of the world.
and I think they just look so 'pretty' this year. The colors really speak to me.

I feel 'naked' son and dil kept my camera last night. Her camera ran out of 'juice' at Betsy's wedding, so when we left, dil kept it. Good news, I'll get even more pictures...bad news, I am without my camera!!!

What a fun, long, wedding. The ceremony started at noon. It was in Espanol, so I did not understand a word...but it was cool. I'm told the Father's message wasn't very traditionally Catholic, but more Evangilical with even a sense of humor.

And Betsy looked like a princess. Wowza!!

No Mexican food, the food was good, But, boy I was looking forward to fantastic Enchiladas and sopapillas. But, they had a great Mariachi band and her father also sang.

When we left after 7pm, the 'party' was just starting. They still hadn't tossed the bouquet or cut the cake.

Well, time to start my Sunday, a li'l Bible study, a li'l church then SCRAPPIN!!!

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Janet said... the tree picture! The color is beautiful. We used to have an apricot tree in our back yard. TFS!