Thursday, November 27, 2008

my Thanksgiving fun...

Well, an interesting Thanksgiving. We only had 9 people, but it was great!

For the first time in the 20 or so years I've been cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I set off the smoke alarm. It was the attempt to broil the layer of marshmallows over those sweet potatos. I don't broil much...came out with flames and the marshmallows were a layer of ash on top. DD and I scraped them off the best we could...and it wasn't quite a disaster.

THEN while serving the chocolate pudding pie, well, I managed to slide part of it out of the plate onto the counter. OH Well! still tasted pretty darn good.

I also went Black Friday shopping. We were up at 3am to be at Kohls at 4am.
My game plan, is not to have a game plan. I go with my dd, her bf and her mom and my ddil...I'm along for the 'ride'...what bargains I find..makes me happy.

The stores I went to, people were polite and cordial...and helping each other. And we were kinda shaking our heads at ourselves...wondering what we were doing. The lines are an opportunity to 1) shop some more (as we walk by stuff) and 2) meet people.

I met a woman, who just had her 7th grandchild!! (she looked at my stuff and asked 'First Grandchild'? teehee) Since Nyki was there, she tried to control my baby shopping...even steering me out of certain stores at the mall. teehee. But she mainly had a 'resigned' look on her face.

My favorite purchase, I got myself a small Harujuku Lovers tote for $17. Macy's has an incredible Black Friday sale of 50% off already clearance designer purses. NOT all of them...but this is where I got my Harujuku purse last year...this may be a yearly stop for me.

So, today is a day at home, decorating for Christmas and putting the cards together (I still do a yearly letter)...and on Thursday, I'm off to help the kids move to Tx.

Now that Michael has 'taken over' finances, I had to give him a Christmas budget. A first for me, I usually just shop and in January think "what have I done?". Actually, it wasn't too painful.


jill said...

Sounds like you had a great day of BF shopping! My daughter and I were out very early too.

Sarah C. said...

That chocolate pie looks delicious! Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving & Black Friday! We enjoyed time with family, but spent yesterday driving home. I'm too chicken to dare get near stores that day.

Lida said...

Sorry about your thanksgiving mishaps but sounds like you had a very fun black friday that is very cool!

Lily said...

rofl at your tging day disasters. sounds liek a great layout! i just couldn't bring myself to do the early morning black friday thing this year. we did get to old navy a little later and found some great deals