Monday, March 2, 2009

busy weekend...

Saturday was the spaghetti) 'feed' at church. It was dh's 'gig', so I did not have to do a lot of work, but helped him with the pre-cooking prep (cleaning 12 heads of garlic) and opening cans of tomato sauce. While prepping that garlic, I watched a movie called 'In the Name of the King' with Jason Strathom, that I surprisingly liked. I don't usually watch stuff with him in it...
Esp the end, when his wife, I think its Claire Forlaine, does something unexpected.

Nyki came over during the afternoon and we worked on the design for the baby shower invitations.

The dinner was actually very good, there was a raffle and silent raffle. My P365 pic is of Reagan ( a 3 year old from the church), enjoying her spaghetti. she is soo funny, she was sitting at another table, and she 'caught' me taking the pic!

Sunday, I was hoping for a nap, by mom wanted to do a li'l shopping. It was fun!
We went to Michaels (she needed more yarn) and Walmart and then ate Japanese food.
Then dh and I went to a friend's house to watch Fireproof...a very good movie.

So, though I have not been posting my P365 pictures, I have been taking them.
and I did not do last week's layout over the weekend, I have been keeping up.

Got some good news on Sunday. DD called and asked 'what adhesive do I use to put a rhinestone on a flower" "use a glue dot, ummmm, baby, does that mean you are scrapbooking?" "Yeah" ...!!!! insert 'happy dance' smilie

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Anonymous said...

I almost forgot I bought the tickets. I was just leaving and I saw them on the counter. Dh and the kids enjoyed the dinner. He got the dinners to go. I hope the dinner made alot of money.