Friday, May 8, 2009


don't ya hate it when you wake up with aches and pains. Weds night, I must have slept on my neck wrong, it was hurting all day yesterday...and this morning it is no better. Add to it, my back and hips...oh, getting old is no fun.
I really FEEL a couple years shy of 50!!

My li'l cupcake is holding her head up..actually she has been doing it since the hospital, but I finally got to see it the other evening. Last night, ds stopped by, and I asked him if he needs a babysitter anytime soon. Reminded him that Sunday is Mother's Day....her gift could be a movie, mine a chance to babysit my li'l girl.

And as far as GASC- Arlington. I was going to go to 2 days of Crop and Shop with my sis and her daughters. But their house was flooded last week, she's in Houston, and don't worry she saved her scrappin', with the rebuild, paying out deductions, and time she is losing at is not looking good for her to go to GASC. So, yesterday, I changed the shop and crop tickets to classes. I am going to take a total of 8 classes that weekend. Mom and I will then drive to Houston to see her and the girls, the following week.

Speaking of the flood rebuild, as you may or may not know, flood insurance is now nationalized. You may pay for it through a private company, but it is thru the government. Luckily, my sis has flood insurance, is very limited. So much is not covered, and what is covered not really her choice. Her floors were gorgeous Brazillian Cherry...the replacement may not be. Her cabinets were also cherry...the replacements for the bottoms will not be. At least replacing with what she had is in question...guess they will replace to a certain quality..she will have to pay to upgrade to what she had.

They also do not cover storage of her belongings or a place to live while the house is being torn up. The past 2 days she has been spending the night with friends, with suitcases being kept in her car during the days.

For us, earthquake insurance is the same way (we have it) but who knows what will be covered if it ever happens out here.

Oh, Fox News, is showing the story about the woman who blew pot smoke into the mouth of a Down's Syndrome boy (while pregnant) and his mom, who yelled at him when he come to her for help/comfort. Disgusting people. Like the newscaster said, there is no punishment good enough for them.

well, gotta set up the crockpot and get ready for work. Joy, Joy...but the good news my Stampin Up order arrived (buy 3 paperpacks get one free) tomorrow I have more paper (like I needed it) to play with!

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