Saturday, May 23, 2009

adventurous morning...

internet is still off and on...oh well,
so I decided since I can't surf the net, I'd get some stuff done.

Yesterday morning, I collected the Encyclopedias for the bookshelves and organized some of the boxes in the garage. It ended abruptly, when I found a nest of vermin in one of the boxes. You know, just glancing to see the content of the box...and in the corner of my eye, saw something moving. yeah! a nest of squirmy little pink bodies. I ran out of the garage screaming. Luckily, dh hadn't left for work yet, so he moved the box out of the garage for me. And mom was laughing like a hyena. "I knew you'd find something like that"

I thought about it, but could not force myself to 'put on my big girl panties" and take a picture of those things to scrap.

This morning, I stuck to emptying boxes that are stored in the house. Putting books into the bookshelves. Also cleaned my desk (not the scrap desk). getting tired of seeing all these piles....wahhhhh

well, I just yelled at my mom. While I was typing this, she walked by the portacrib and yelled at the cat sleeping there. Now, mom did this Friday afternoon and when Cassandra jumped out..she broke a glass candleholder that was on the hearth. Today, she knocked over the glass from these metal candleholders I had placed there. I yelled at mom and told her to stop yelling at the cat. That the reason I put the fabric on the crib was so the cat could sleep there without leaving fur on the babie's mattress...and I can't keep replacing these candleholders. I feel so bad. I apologized for yelling, but still feel like poop.

If you get a chance, see the movie "Unknown" with Greg Kinnear...very interesting twists and turns..

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