Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've been looking around at some gallerys and love the idea of ATC's...I wanna try some, but I don't know what kind to do?

Thought about making 'family' know, esp for the new generation...
to take baby pics of my parents or when they were young and tell a story about them on the back. But does that seem stupid? like baseball trading cards for family?

Or too ambitious for a beginner..

maybe I should start 'smaller' like I made a perpetual calendar...maybe do something with ATC's for the family? one side decorate for the month, on the other have a list so they can write in birthdays?

what do you put these in? hmmmmmm......(insert 'wheels turning' smilie here)

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toners said...

I have a couple of the ATC holders made by 7 gypsies; they're great for displaying all your hard work :)

You'll find that ATC's are addictive! They're so small and easy to make, that you'll love the instant gratification - enjoy!!