Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crop Yesterday...

Did the pics from the kids' D-land trip last fall.all I can say, GREAT way to spend a day.

REALLY tried to stop myself from my standby layouts of PP, photos matted in cardstock and a little embellishing. (Of course I found myself going back to it)
But made the conscience effort. Though caught myself just trimming the pp, to put it on the cardstock,,,teehee. (see pics of the kids next to the castle)(the pp is SEI's Bridgeport...yummy...)

I got stuck on this one, I picked out the pp...so I texted Cierra, "Pick a color other than green"...her response, red, so I used a brick red on the layout. It was fun to go with something kinda random instead of colors I might have been leaning toward. (for me it was orange, but I had just done a green/orange layout.)

Then with Nyki, it was 'pick a color other than yellow'...her first response 'clear'..ummm, no I need a color...'silver'...did not have any cardstock (if I was home I could have done them)...so, no, a color...finally 'green'...aye yi yi...those blondes from Indiana.

I used a lot of older stash, these are from Colorbok, a boys package bought at Target,

and this one is Rob and Bob (still go to this pack for fun, colorful pp's)

I got thru d-land pics, then did one from C's last Theater Awards Banquet...I love how the girls will do those 'awkward' bathroom mirror pics. (don't you love the Fancy Pants pp?)

And started dd's graduation mini album. this one is 'easier' cuz it is all in pink and black and I am using a lot of Heidi Swap's Runway. But, that is where I had to end...cuz I ran out of glue sticks.!!


Lida said...

Very nice layouts Karen, thats a good idea to keep the creative juices coming, thank you for your kind comment, feeling a bit better today and yes she would have liked Marshall.

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful layouts! I'm impressed with how many you completed. :)

nyki said...

pictures do no justice, i want to see them when we come over next

nyki said...

pictures do no justice, i'd like to see them the next time we come over