Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a li'l fun yesterday morning.

yeah, had a little issue with the tractor being parked in the middle of the gravel in front of the driveway...if you look closely you can see the letters from the tire on my bumper. Michael says that even as he left for work, he did think "I should move that, Karen may hit it"...uh huh...

well, it makes a different pic for my P365 layout!

I'm home from work 4 days are going to be busy as I prep for closing May and then leave for Tx on June 3...but today is pretty blank, so I took it off.

Work is scary slow...but we've just got to trust in God. Make adjustments where we can and hope for the best, right?

Learn to enjoy the simple things...scrap from my out less...all the things one has to do.

It will be so GOOD to see DD and DSIL! Its been since Dec!! 6 months is too long for me, I'm having withdrawals!

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Sarah C. said...

Oh my! An interesting P365 for sure. Glad it wasn't worse.

I can relate on the slow work issue. I've only had about 3 hrs of billable time in the last 2.5 weeks. Trying to hang in there and stay positive - not to mention focus on my upcoming maternity leave. If I have to find a new job after that, I'll worry about that then.