Tuesday, May 19, 2009

got my GASC tickets yesterday!

for a minute, it was Yay!! then it became, OMG, what if I forget these!...

hopefully, I've got them set up so I don't forget...but with me, you never know!!

We've been very busy, we did empty out our storage, and I have got BOXES to go through, but at least I have my dad's bookshelves to put things in!

Right now, I've got boxes strewn throughout the house, bin and garage...
yesterday, went thru the boxes that had our framed family pictures. Deciding what goes on the wall set up for the 'gallery', what comes out of a frame for scrapbooking and what gets sent to the kids. Well, started that process...right now they are in the bookshelves in piles instead of books!!

Also worked on one of my layouts for the Texas Travelougue Swap on Scrapbooks.com, after a while, my Slice got 'wonky', stopped cutting all the way thru. Oh, one tip with the Slice, don't skimp on the adhesive to hold down the paper...yeah, the paper will move. So, it started getting wonky, so I took a break to let it 'cool down'...it did better after that, but not perfect. I may have to change the blade after all.

So, it was a busy, productive day...today is my birthday, officially 48, should I ask for today off also? One benefit of living with the boss....right?


Lida said...

Happy Birthday Karen, hope you have an amazing day with lots of Adriana included!!

Sarah C. said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy BIrthday! ANd, I agree you totally deserve the day off :)

Yay for GASC! I bet that will be a lot of fun!