Saturday, May 16, 2009

oooooh MY!!

Star Trek is soooooo good! Not just for fans of the franchise, but for anyone!
It has it all! I would see it again in a heartbeat, and I don't feel that way about movies.

Even the previews were exciting, there was GI Joe and Transformers. I turned to my son and told him that "I think I lost weight just watching these previews"

And of course, yesterday, I got a little Adriana time. YAY!! There is something about grandma, whenever I hold her she falls asleep. Must be all the extra 'cush' on my body!! But I love it, I love watching all her expressions.

Last Night, dd and dsil went out to celebrate their anniversary. A Brazilian steak house...according to them, it was the best. DD said it was better than Ruth's Chris.
Someday, when dh and I are down visiting, we will need to make a trip.

Today, I may not be scrapping as I would prefer. Dh has arranged a group of guys to help him empty our storage unit. So, I'll be directing where stuff goes. And hopefully that includes our book shelves. My books are coming home!! Actually, a lot of them were my dad's books. and these were his shelves. As teenagers, bored teenagers, Michele and I once counted his book collection...we stopped at 1000.

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Sarah C. said...

Glad to hear the movie is good! DH & I have been talking about going to see it in the next couple of weeks - waiting for the crowds to die down a little. And, of course, to be sure I get an aisle seat since I'm not sure my pregnant bladder will last the entire movie. LOL

How sweet about your little granddaughter. :)