Friday, May 22, 2009

having internet problems..

it is really intermittant today,
well, guess that means I'll get some stuff around the house done!

seems to be a few changes...Bad Girls kits got changed. Instead of doing the standard kit club, she is doing limited edition teaching kits. It was a quandry, do I sign up...or do I let my sub lapse..and save the money. Had to go with lapsing..dh has been getting on my about my spending. But I do love Wendy's style, and she said the new kits would be filled with even more found items from Paris.

Today is Betsy's last day at work. Man, I am going to miss her. She is going on maternity leave and says she is coming back. For me, I hope she does. For her and her baby...I think staying home is the best. But I won't be there, today is one of those minimum weeks at work.

Work is scary, we can all see that sales are down...@25% down. Think it is going to bring another round of layoffs. I hate that. I fight like the devil for
'my girls' and I think they are safe...but if another round comes up...accounting will not be unscathed. As it is, they are having me split my time into another dept.

found a CUTE website on 2 Peas NSBR board, look for the Ruckus Room.

okay, better sign off, see if internet holds up for me...

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