Friday, May 1, 2009

I was a good girl,

And yesterday I did not stop by or call the kids. It was HARD, but I can do this.
I don't have to see Adriana every day, now do I?

Our internet has been 'wonky' at home. I was hoping to do an online crop for NSD, but I guess that is going to be up to the internet gremlins. I have been bad as far as shopping. Too many great deals out there.

I'm really wanting a Slice. (my birthday is coming up, hint hint)
even started a 'coin' jar to start saving for it. teehee. 47 years old, and having a coin jar.

DD lives in Fort Worth, and it is kinda scary. Hopefully all the precautions being taken for the swine flu with be effective. Seriously, what do we need to do? Biden talked about not flying or using public transportation, I've thought about not going to restarants for a while. But really does that help? Remember the pics of people in China walking around in face masks? is that what we are headed toward?


Rialeen Kotze said...

She is a beautiful baby, congratualations grandma!

Lida said...

Your grandaughter is sooo pretty, congratulations, let me know if when you get the Slice you like it, we go back and forth about wanting one!

Heather said...

She is just gorgeous! Congrats Maw Maw! (miracles_momma from