Tuesday, July 1, 2008

mom is 76

Today is my mom's birthday, she is 76...wow, where do the years go? She likes cheesecake so I'm going to pick one up for her after work.

I spent a LOT of time trying to organize my pics in the computer. Even as I would move pics to a new folder and delete the old empty folder, it just seemed like i wasn't reducing my folders... and it was taking FOREVER!!

I'm thinking of doing a blurb book for family recipes. I had started a scrapbook, but the typing/printing/adhering of so many recipes started to overwhelm me. I'm thinking doing it 'once' on the computer, then printing a couple of copies would be better than at least 2 books.

Dh is out of town for a li'l while, last night he was giving me instructions on feeding the horse...lets see, a bunch of yellow hay in the morning, but watch out cuz there are mice...and small amount of green stuff in the evening. yeah, right.
she'll be eating a lot of green stuff this week.

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Jennie said...

Good luck with your recipe books! I've been wanting to do something like that for awhile for my 2 children. That way they would have some of their favorite family recipes along with a bit of family history all rolled into one.
I love apricots :)