Friday, August 15, 2008

a day off!!...plllllrrrrbbffttt

ya right. So I took the morning off. This afternoon I have to go to the airport to pick up dd. The original plan was to work in the morning and take off at noon. Anyways, took the morning off. Visions of sleeping in and scrapping in my head. What have I been doing? I've been scrubbing the kitchen floor. now, this floor is a gorgeous travertine. LOVE IT!! but it has all the natural nooks and crannies of we are talking about dragging a bucket on the floor with a scrub brush. with my knees and back, I had to break it into quadrants, keep a towel under my knees and take breaks. Also, been doing laundry. I am soooo hoping I can do a li'l scrapping after the floor.

I'm sure liking this Darius Rucker song on CMT...

Got my loaner car yesterday! its a 2008 Ford Focus. I told my husband, "forget my car, I want to keep this one!!" Me like it. Me want it.

I sure do miss my camera. this morning the 'boys' were sitting in dd's room's window. She has 'the princess room' all white with Caribbean blue walls, and to see them on that window sill with the white sheer curtains and the sun outlining them was 'inspiring'...but no camera. I rarely open the room up, cuz of the white taffeta beadspread and white fluffy rug, but she is arriving today so I wanted to air it out.

Okay back to the floor, then I'll hit some blogs during my next break...I hope.
So nice to have access to the computer!

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Sarah C. said...

Your morning sounds like my afternoon. My office closes at 1pm on Fridays and, for once, I didn't have any commitments this afternoon. Visions of lots of scrapbook pages ran through my head. How many did I complete? None. Argh. Just couldn't get inspired and had other things (laundry, tidying up) to do and on the mind. So, I'll join you in "plllllrrrrbbffttt". :)