Monday, August 18, 2008

this weekend

Did alot of driving this weekend...on Fri it was to Sacramento and back to pick up dd, on Saturday, Gilroy and back to meet with the gals, and Sunday, Sacramento and back to take dd to I was sick of the car.. Sunday afternoon, I was firmly planted on the couch, first for a nap then watching the tube. But I did get on the treadmill. (such a good girl, huh)

Sat was fun. Met with the cruise ladies, our first meet as a group about cruise stuff. This is my first major cruise, I have been on a 4 day Ensenada/Mexico cruise YEARS ago. Then Michele and I went shopping. Only 2 months away, getting excited.

Still so much to do and look at and plan. Finally opened my Rick Steves book...wowza, I wanna do the mile night time walk thru Rome he has mapped out.

Started a page, but got sidetracked..but my goal is doing the last 4 pages for my nephew, so I can get this mailed out.

This week should be interesting. Today, after my workout I have a dentist appt. Then it is off to the church, the pastor asked me if I'd pray about/consider becoming the church treasurer. To tell the truth, I am a ground level bookeeper, can check those numbers, but don't know what you are supposed to be doing with those I don't think I'm qualified for treasurer. But we'll look into it.

DH leaves at the end of the week for Chicago. I have a crop planned for Saturday, but I am looking forward to a few days of 'whatever' I want to do. Been thinking of watching the "Band of Brothers" cd set my dsil loaned me.

The only thing is when he is gone, I gotta do all the outside stuff. Feeding dogs, horse, watering garden...yikes...I HATE outdoor stuff!! I'm an indoor girl. give me the a.c!!


A Wonderful World said...

A cruise sounds fun! My DH and I hope to visit Rome next year. I'm not looking forward to the planning.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

love your duckies

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Lily said...

Thanks for the peek into your life. I love your header

cierra said...

moma, you should really condsider doing the treasurer thing... it sounds like something you could be really good at! you'll never know until you try!