Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun at the Expo

Well that was a great weekend!
I'm glad I made the decision to stay at the Hyatt. A long walk, but only had to park the car once and was done with it.

Both my classes were great. I took the Clearly Beautiful, Penny was an excellent instructor, she not only taught her project, but gave us the info we need to create one of our own acrylic albums. I actually won an album as a door prize.

I also took On the Move, she showed us how to make waterfalls, peek a boo, and windows. Though everything was precut (to make the class go quicker), so I'm going to have to measure the samples to do my own, it was a good class. Definately not one to work ahead on...follow it step by step. To be honest, I wasn't crazy about the papers in this class, but that is okay-dokay.

LOVED the all day crop on Friday, you could get up and shop as needed. Sat crop was fun also, now, EVERYbody at my table won a door prize, except for me..boohoo.
I became convinced that if there was only one ticket left in that bucket, it would be mine. So, its a good thing I won a li'l something in a class, or I would have cried.

Friday, worked on dd's wedding. and Sat night worked on ds's academy graduation and a couple other pages. My ddil helped with a couple of academy pages. She did not bring anything of her own, so she made herself available to do pages for me.

So, I do have a funny crop story, but I'll save it till tomorrow, when I can take a picture of the related layout.

off to start my Monday!!


Charleen said...

I didn't go. I wanted to, but I was busy. It sounded like fun.

Lily said...

Sounds like You had a great time. I love going to expos

Noelia said...

Seems like you had a great time! Can't wait to see your pages.

Janet said...

What a fun weekend!!