Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We May have a winner...

a winner for my new favorite and comfy shoe. I bought a pair of canvas topped
crocs...and they are comfy...and I'm not limping at the end of the day and the next morning. My sis and nieces think they are U G L Y...but I think they are cute.

From 2 peas: What is the most photos you have used to create a layout? Can be a one or two page layout. A Dozen, I've done a couple of shaped collages...a heart in dd's wedding album and mickey mouse ears in the d-land book.

I also liked yesterday's 2 peas prompt...to open a dictionary, point to a word, and talk about it...so here we go.... Onerous - imposing a burden. Nope, doesn't mean a lot to me. You'd have to ask people around me if I am 'onerous' cuz I don't think I am,(insert angel smilie) and I pretty much ignore people who are 'onerous'. Don't let their issues get to me, ya know.?

I'm packing for the San Jose Scrapbook Expo crops. I'm going to both the Friday all day and Sat night...anyone else going? Of course, my photo printer at home runs out of ink...oh well, at least I did not start this Thurs night.., so I have time.

Speaking of which, I'd better be off!! Ya'll have a good one!!

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