Friday, August 1, 2008

independent and in control?

From Shimelle: Share a story with your
readers about one moment when you felt
independent and in control.

Hmmm, as mentioned before, I was a bit of an emotional wreck as a teenager, young daily mood would totally depend on whatever incedent just happened.
I was also one who was very organized and thought she had control over the environment around her. A paradox, I know.

But God sent me a gift, called a strong-willed child. (and to you mom's with strongwilled children, in hindsight, they are a gift)

With this angel, God taught me, that I am not in 'control' of ANYthing and that all I can do is love and my moment of true independence and control was when I finally 'let go and let God'. It was the most freeing moment of my life. And the start of my friendship with my little girl.

On my bathroom mirror, I used to keep a postcard. It had a cartoon of 2 penguins, one had an open-mouthed fish on top of it's head with the penguin's head in its mouth and the other penguin is asking him, "Everything under control?"...It was my daily reminder, that I ain't the one in control...and thank goodness for it.

I'm home!!
we decided to rent a car...Enterprise...and you know how they say they will pick you up? So dh left me here to go to work early...I called at 8 am for the pick up and guess what. I never did complete the online order, so they don't have a car for me. Remember, I live in a small town in the middle of they need to get a car from Modesto, they will contact me, and then I can get on the road.

So that means, in the past 2 weeks, I have worked 3 days and on Tuesday, I only worked 2 hours. Now, this is the paycheck I was going to take to the Scrapbook Expo next week.. well, maybe I can buy some adhesives!!

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Gina said...

Karen. if I wasn't so sick this week I could of been able to think straight. You could of just used my van this week it sat in the driveway all week. You could of gone to work.

Do you know that you and Yvonne both work in livermore, you should make plans in case you ever need a ride into livermore.