Thursday, August 21, 2008

some good and bad this week

Been busy..
the good, my camera is back from the Canon Hospital. Gotta say I am really impressed by the service. I got an email from them when they rec'd it and then an email when they shipped it home. So excited. Really needed it yesterday, as ddil was walking around work with a huge tear in her jeans.

My MP3 works!! Now that was 'user error'...I did not release the safety button. DS had that one "fixed" for me immediately.

I got my car back. (though I really liked the loaner).

the bad...
my dentist appt showed that I have an infection brewing in my #19 tooth. Will need to see a specialist to drill thru my tooth, to the root and jaw. Then back to the dentist for a new crown. Poo-ey. Sounds like I'm gonna be in a major vicadin mode.
Luckily I'm not in pain right now. I have the consultation appt tomorrow morning

I was hoping to travel down south to see my dd and dsil for her birthday. I still have not seen their apartment or their new kitten. Oh well...guess I'll have to plan that one another time.

Well, Kristin arrives in about 10 minutes.
my 'break' is over. (another poo-ey)

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