Sunday, August 31, 2008

been visiting the 'kids'

I've been at the kids this weekend. Drove down on Thurs. They have a cute little place in So. Cal. Ain't it hard, seeing you baby in her 'own' place with her husband!

They have a new kitten, Colby Jack, who is just a cutie-pie and a terror. I must have taken 50 pics of the little guy (can you imagine if I finally do have grandkids) (is that a bugar in his nose? oh, let me get the camera!!) teehee. Oh, I did take one of the kids, too!!

DD's been working the past couple of days, but today is her day off! So, we'll see what we end up doing. I brought her some of her prints, so we may be doing a little decorating.

Last night we all had dinner at their friends' apt. They have 2 little boys, one a li'l over 1 and the other 2 weeks. One of the grandma's was there, but she let me hold the baby! Oooooooooooooohhhh, talk about adorable!!

So, the 2 peas challenge was about scrapping plans. No scrapping for me...but taking some pics of my new grandkitty, and there was talk of a game of Mexican Train.

Tomorrow, I will drive home...should be fun!! NOT!!!


Sarah C. said...

Glad you are having a good visit with your DD and her DH! :) Too funny about all the photos of the grand-kitty. Yup, I think you might need a 40GB camera disk when it's time for grandkids. ;) LOL Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sarah*Jane said...

Aren't they always "kids"? Glad you had a good visit. Congrats on your new grandkitty (hope yours is feeling better).

scrapperjen said...

It sounds like a nice visit. I love holding babies!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Noelia said...

Congrats on the kitty! I can't wait to see you scrap a page about him or her.