Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weds, mayo or miracle whip

its morning.

After the cats woke me, I sat down at the computer and tv, and QVC is selling Murano Glass jewelry!! OH, so pretty. but I was thinking, if I bought some on QVC...then took it to Italy..would I have to pay duty as I am heading home? hmmmmmm....guess I can carry my receipt with me!

There is a sad thing about the show, the fellow kept saying that only one old man knows how to make some of the items, like the large puffy heart pendant. And while reading Rick Steves, he has a blurb about the aging of Venice. That Venice as a city is dying. The young are not staying, the buildings are falling apart...

OH, yesterday I was 'complaining' about losing my mojo with 5x7 layouts...and yesterday, I got Elsie's Recipe Box. Oooooh La La...now her style may not work for my wedding album...but I'm thinking I can modify... but now I'm excited about doing these layouts. And ain't that the definition of mojo!

Have ya'll ever thought about why you use mayo instead of miracle whip? I was recently asked that one by ds. He married a gal from Indiana, so he was asking why we as a family use mayo...I told him quite simply, because I lost that battle. I grew up in Texas, I grew up with miracle whip...but dh absolutely would not use the mw.. so I switched. Now, dd married an Okie, so she is making the switch back to mw.
(as I suspect ds is.. cuz ddil is one stubborn Indiana-in)
BUT dd was successful in switching the Okie to barstyle cheddar cheese (Tilamook, the absolute best)..as the teethmarks she found in the cheese proves.

Have you ever thought about those regional preferences?
Growing up in Texas, it was all 'coke'...since moving to CA..I'm hooked on pepsi.
DS switched to coke, the traitor, after his training months in FL and MS with the Corps. For me, now days, the only use I have for coke is if I decide to make 'coke cake'. yummmmmmmmmmm


Sarah C. said...

Your post cracked me up! I'm sitting here thinking about your DDIL making your DS use Miracle Whip instead of mayo. :D I, too, was raised on MW. Not sure why. Just what Mom bought (might need to ask now!). DH was raised on mayo and so that is what is in our fridge. I use it for casseroles, but that's about it.

muirwoodsue said...

I mix them up. Sometimes I use a bit of both. Hubby loves miracle whip - lite! I'm with your husband on the coke - gotta love it!

Colleen said...

Interesting! I had no idea it was a regional thing down there!! I don't think it is up here - just preference!

Lori K said...

Too funny about the coke/pepsi thing...Seems to me that since weve been here in TX that Dr Pepper is the biggest, love me some diet DP with Vanilla from the local sonic!