Friday, August 22, 2008

yay, can post layouts

With my camera home, I can post layouts...I feel like a scrapbooker again.

The top image is my Shimelle's inspiration layout. The assignment was to go thru the house and take pics of the things that inspire us in our home. I found myself taking pics of items being 'hit' by light...creating either shadows or diffused color light. I also collect colored glass, because I love the way it looks when light shines thru it.

The 2nd is my "funny" layout from the crop a couple of weekends ago.
I was working on this layout of the academy pre-graduation run. I love this Basic Grey Boxer paper, anyways, I started to add the flowers..these are from the Prima tubes, and my ddil looks over and with a raised eyebrow, says, "Flowers?".
I asked her, "would they look better if they were distressed?".. she agrees.
So I take them, put them on a piece of cardboard and stomp on them..nothing. So I take a little ink and put them on my shoe, my new canvas crocs, and stomp on them. Yay, the effect I wanted. You know, the guys are running, it looks like they stepped on the flowers, right? So, I put them on the layout and just start laughing at myself. WHO does that!

How this 'hobby' changes us. We collect stuff normal people throw away, we carry our cameras as though they are a part of us. When dd asked me what souvineer I wanted from her semester in Europe, I asked for "pictures, receipts and napkins".

And now, I've dabbed ink on a perfectly good, new pair of shoes.
tsk, tsk.

Today is my appt with the oral surgeon, then errands (skipping work), tonight, I'll make a slideshow of my other, normal layouts from the Scrapbooks Expo crop.

Tomorrow is a crop with the girls. We are also taking a field trip, a tour of each other's scraprooms followed by a spaghetti pot luck.


Lily said...

you are so funny. nice layuots....tfs.

Lily said...

you are so funny. nice layuots....tfs.